SyndiBox is going to be preserved in the arctic for a few millenia.

Now, this probably doesn't sound like an impressive feat. You just have to have an active GitHub repository.

But that's the thing; SyndiBox is an active GitHub repository. And that's why having the Arctic Code Vault Contributor badge due to my own repository feels like such an accomplishment.

When I started coding, I was way too paranoid to send anything out into the world. I was scared that what I was doing was either already done before, or not impressive by any means, let alone enough to be used by someone other than me. After watching SyndiBox grow, which already took massive effort to get past my fear of rejection, I've started to gain more confidence in my ideas and coding, and after responding to issues and answering questions, I've gotten to a point that I feel happy that I can and will contribute to the world of FOSS.

Anyway, all that mushy stuff aside, here's some more mushy stuff; You guys are the reason that SyndiBox is a thing in the first place. I made it for myself, but figured it may be useful to one other Godot user across the world. As of the publishing of this post, SyndiBox now has 61 stars, 10 forks, and 7 contributors. This was a project that began almost a year ago. And while that seems small, trust me; it's a huge milestone for me, and I'm extremely excited grateful for the attention it has already.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded, used, demonstrated, contributed, watched, starred, favorited, forked, ported, patched, hacked, and whatever-else-ed SyndiBox since September 2019! You are a lovely bunch of friends. <3