I'm not big on advertising, for myself or others. Especially for myself. I mean, it's something I need to bite the bullet and get to doing anyway, but it's probably my least favorite part about anything I do. Self-advertising is a pain for me. Advertising for others is a bit easier, especially if it's something I believe in, but it's still not the easiest thing to do in my case.

What I do love, though, is acting. I don't even have to be on camera, I don't even have to be in front of anyone. It's a great outlet and a fun hobby. One of my favorite actors is Ryan Reynolds, and I feel that sometimes his comedy can rub off on me.

Now, Reynold's isn't just an actor. He does other things, like provide phone service and sell gin. I'm dying to try the cell service; it's crazy cheap and I heard it's good. I'm dying to try the gin; it's crazy cheap and I heard it's good. And the way he and his company advertises these things is a gem of its own.

Listen, Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool. It's just that he recovered from the testicle-face syndrome.

He doesn't do all the advertising himself, he gets some help. A lot of ads that Ryan (i hope he's okay with me calling him by his first name) is involved with are credited to a company called Maximum Effort. A very nice nod to Deadpool, and honestly, something that they really live by. Their ads work so well because they don't just throw money at the problem to make it go away. The ads speak to you, like, directly to you, almost as if they could call you by name while you're watching them. They really put in a maximum effort to get the message across and promote a great product while doing it. So, with a record like that, what does their website look like?

I hope you finished swallowing your drink.

It's an E in Comic Sans. Turned sideways to make the M. All white background, all black text. I couldn't breathe when I first saw this. That's not something you would consider maximum effort. That looks like the least amount of effort you could possibly put into something like this. I love this. It's so good. It's the most brilliant and hilarious joke I've ever seen and the longer they make amazing adverts the funnier this joke gets. Hell, the longer I stare at it the funnier it gets.

Ryan Reynolds, I love you. Never change.