Here's a high-quality, not-shaky, carefully crafted photo.

And I love the headset, but I have plenty of gripes about everything else included.

First off, the ridiculous sponge they call a face rest. It soaks up way too much moisture, and if you play anything other than VRChat, you will notice this. Beat Saber goes from a fun rhythm game to a struggle to keep your foggy lenses and squishy sweat-absorber from ruining your full combo by any means necessary. Could they really have been limited to choosing a literal black kitchen sponge to put over your face with this? It's just stupid, sometimes I feel like I could take it off and wring it out and watch a full pint of bodily fluid drain from it, it's disgusting.

Second, the charging cable. No, it works fine, but USB-C to USB-C? Good Lord, that's the most unfriendly type of cable I've ever seen. It has one use, and it's to charge my damn headset. I can't use it for their Oculus app, and not because it's "unsupported" or whatever, but because of the dumb type they used. Why not USB-C to USB-A? That should work just fine! I don't understand why they would make it like that, I had to waste $10 on a long enough USB cable that would actually be feasible for their Oculus Link, and I got ripped off finding out that just because it says USB 3.0 doesn't mean it actually is.

And that leads to the Oculus app itself. It's horribly broken. It works for two days, then just breaks. Nothing you do will fix that permanently. You'll be lucky if reinstalling Windows makes it work for another two days. I just bought Virtual Desktop instead. It actually works better than it anyway, as in, I can actually see something in the headset rather than a black screen and the occasional Guardian boundary if I lean around to check if my headset didn't get corrupted or something.

Alright, I'm ready to talk about the owners of the rights. Facebook. God, that name. I swear Zuckerburg spends every night leaning over me as I sleep. Why is he such a creep with personal data? Why can't you leave me the hell alone? I don't even want my preferred name to show up in my own headset, let alone my deadname. Just let me make it say Sudospective. I don't want to show off my Quest only for the main page to show my full name and destroy my privacy in front of 30 Discord VC participants. I've been getting online people I have no real acquaintance with calling me by my real name. Stop it. For the love of God, stop it, I don't know you.

Other than that, it works great. Plays Beat Saber, plays VRChat, makes my mom talk to me finally.

good job fuckerburg nice headset