Yesterday at September 20th, at 4:01 PM UTC, a new Twitch account was created. It looked like CS:GO professional Shroud by the picture, by the stream, and even kinda by the username. Interesting. All of these viewers, but only 5 followers? Something's up. Oh, free CS:GO skins? Sign me up! Let's go over to this random roulette wheel and sign in!

...And...sign in! Sign in...sign in, come on, what the...

Well, it won't sign you in. It's a phishing site. It was just made yesterday, advertised free skins only for yesterday, and well...yeah. He was only able to go phish for yesterday.

I got angry. Not because he's pretending to be someone he's never going to be, not because I was hungover and stupidly wandered over to his lame little roulette wheel and tried to sign in, but because this wasn't just one person he was deceiving. And turns out, it wasn't the first time, either.

Of course the first thing I had to do was report the Twitch stream. No way to broadcast, no way to advertise. Already thousands of people keeping their accounts. Good work, but we're not done. Next is to report the site. Well, when I checked my email for any weird activity, like someone from Moscow changing the email and password on my account, I found some weird activity. Like someone from Moscow changing the email and password on my account. I looked to see the owner of the phishing website, and sure enough, from Moscow. But as if he didn't screw up enough already, here's the kicker; He was using Cloudflare. Oh my God, I was crying. I didn't have to email the registrar who likely only knew Russian and a bit of English. I didn't even have to email Cloudflare. They just took one look at my report and said, "Yup, that's not legal. See ya." They did the heavy lifting and forwarded the report to both the webhost owner and provider, too. No more Twitch, no more Cloudflare, and no more webhost.

Here's the big lesson in all of this.

Don't try your hand at phishing. I will find you.

(As an added little bonus, I have something for you; I tried to send a last-hurrah email to the domain owner. It bounced, probably because I was too late and their email was removed for malicious purpose as well. But if he were to see it, I like to think he would have wet himself to read this.)

I kept sensitive information out. I want to scare the guy, not actually threaten his life.

Stay safe, kids.