Interview with Monster Girls is something you absolutely need to read. If you're into cutesy romantic comedy mangas, feel free to read up to Volume 5 or so. But if you're like me, and interdimensional theories and complex pseudoscience is something you crave in any form of media, you need to read this. Up to Volume 7. Past Volume 7. All the way to the end. The end of Volume 7 is something I need to discuss with others, almost as much as I need a follow-up to this jaw-dropping volume finale. I've never been so dumbfounded by a manga that hooked me on cute demi girls crushing on their new teacher.

From here on, there are nothing but spoilers.

So, Volume 7. Where did it end? Well, I have no idea what the hell is about to happen. The world could be ending. But all I know is we just found a door to another dimension. Not a literal door, and not an inanimate object. A human. Specifically, Macchi.

To summarize Macchi's characteristics, how we perceive them, and why we perceive them that way, I'll put it this way: Macchi is a dullahan. If you know the real mythology, dullahans are seen as normal humans with their heads separated from their bodies, a flame protruding where the neck would be. But the thing is, Macchi's head and body actually aren't separate. Which doesn't make sense. Why would we see them as separate if they're not?

This is where the multidimensional theory comes into play. Humans, most demis, and pretty much all matter visible to us exists in the same dimension. This is also true for Macchi. All of Macchi, except for her neck. Her neck exists in a different dimension from humans. So, when we can't perceive something like a neck that's supposed to keep a head and a body attached to each other, how do you think we would perceive that? As separated. And that is exactly how we do perceive it. That doesn't explain the flame, and the manga doesn't quite explain this yet either, but we'll get there. I think I have a pretty good idea about it.

So, we have a head and a body existing in one dimension, and a neck existing in another, making us see them separate. But usually when those two things are separate, it looks messy and gorey and gross. But she's still alive, and very much not a necronomic entity. So this leads us to believe that these areas must be closed off to make sense, at least enough sense to keep our mind from breaking.

To explain the flame, let's introduce some other characters.

We have Yoko, a medium who can see beings from another dimension. And there's Zachi, who actually exists in another dimension. The running joke is that Yoko can see Zachi doing all of these different things, but everyone else sees it as Yoko doing these things herself, making her look crazy. It's a good setup for a gag, but the “science” behind it is that it's a similar effect to Macchi. Zachi lives on an entirely different dimension, so they can't be seen by a normal observer. But it wouldn't make sense to see a floating ball, or to hear a voice from nowhere, so the observer sees this as actions performed by the medium themselves, in this case, Yoko. It makes much more sense this way. Now, enter Hagi. She is a very rare demi (I'm ashamed to admit I forgot the name). What you need to know is that she can read people's feelings. At least broadly. She can see the changes in color of people's eyes, and the color of their aura as well.

Now we can explain Macchi's flame. When Hagi sees an aura of a person, no normal observer can see it. But Macchi's flame however, we can see that just fine. Why is that? I couldn't wrap my brain around it until I realized the significance of why Macchi's flame and Macchi's aura are the same color. My speculation is that an object's aura is its presence in one dimension, broadcasted to other dimensions. Since we exist on the same dimension, we don't see these auras. But Macchi's neck--that exists in another dimension. We can see the aura of that clearly. But we can only see it because Macchi is letting us. We can't see Zachi's aura because they hide it. But Hagi is a special case. These aura can't hide from her. She can only see objects in the dimension she exists in, ours, but she can see auras from other dimensions as well.

And here's where the end of Volume 7 lies. It all comes together. And it comes together fast.

We'll start with Yoko, Zachi, Hagi, and two other demis I'll neglect to mention for clarity's sake in the room. I'll make a list of some facts we need to focus on:

  1. Yoko can see Zachi, but no one else can.
  2. Despite no visual evidence of Zachi, the observers believe Zachi exists because of a basic understanding of demis in general.
  3. Despite no physical evidence of Zachi, Hagi knows Zachi exists because of Yoko's dual eye color (one for Yoko, one for Zachi).
  4. This leads to the observers being more aware of Zachi's solidity.

That alone is a wide array of differences in observance, but it gets even crazier. Enter Macchi. Here's what happens:

  1. Macchi enters and greets everyone. Including Zachi.
  2. Shock to find that Macchi can also see Zachi.
  3. Zachi responds to Macchi's greeting.
  4. Shock to hear Zachi's real voice.
  5. Shock to see Zachi's physical presence.
  6. With newfound awareness of Zachi's physical presence, the gap between dimensions is closed.
  7. This means one more extremely bizarre thing. Macchi's head and body are now attached.

We're not done yet. Hagi is watching all of this unfold. She can see auras of everyone. And they're blending. Blending into what? Let's go back again for more explanation.

Hagi can see the colors of eyes changing based on feelings, and this doesn't stop at humans. This includes any animate or once-animate object with eyes and feelings to read. One of these once-animate objects; dead fish.

I know. Bear with me.

Hagi hates dead fish. She hates their eyes because the color brings a fear to her. This is currently theorized that she's battling with seeing what she shouldn't be able to see. Her mind breaking. If these dimensions exists, it would certainly explain ghosts and phantoms. Hagi is presumably seeing these ghosts and phantoms in the eyes of the dead fish. She's battling with the fact that she sees these things from another dimension as well as the fact that she shouldn't be seeing them as they're not actually in her observable dimension. This color is the color of death. Okay, well, not death, but it would make more sense to see it as the color of...fear? Confusion? That seems to make the most sense, as you would feel those feelings before, during, and likely after, death.

So now let's go back to what's happening. Hagi can see all of these events unfold, and everyone's getting confused. Scared. Their auras are showing it. Hagi can see it. The color of fear.

One final closing thought; why did the stuff that happened, happen? How did it even start? As I said before, Macchi is a door to another dimension. But that door is locked. And who is the key?

That's right. It's Zachi.

Zachi exists in another dimension. But so does Macchi. However, it's only her neck that does. But this brings an interesting point; only her neck would explain how Zachi “sees” Macchi, if only has a floating neck, but what about Macchi? How can Macchi even know of Zachi's existence if she's never even heard of them before? Earlier in the series, Takeshi (the teacher and demi researcher at the school), assisted Macchi in better understanding herself. And once she was told that her neck existed in another dimension, they realized that if it was possible to reach into that dimension, or even at least confirm its existence, that could be their key in Macchi becoming a single, complete body. Because of Macchi's nature, this leads her to a realization; she lives in two separate dimensions. It just makes sense. But unlike observers that can't prove it for themselves, she actually lives that proof. She has solid, observable confirmation. She is now a door between dimensions, and being the door she is, she can see both sides.

So when she meets Zachi, we now understand perfectly what's happening. Macchi can see everyone, including Zachi, And Zachi can see Macchi, or at least her neck. They are fully aware of their existences. But that leads to much more. Now the door and the key have met in the middle. And the path between dimensions is open for all observing.

And now that this path is open:

  1. Whereas previously unobservable, Zachi becomes in clear view of all observers.
  2. Whereas previously unobservable, Macchi's neck becomes the appropriate connection between her head and body.

All of this is observed. All of this, additionally, shouldn't be observed. This is causing confusion and fear between all members of the room. All of this confusion and fear that Hagi is experiencing and seeing. Not just by the color of their eyes, or feelings, but their auras, or...presence. This means that Hagi is picking up auras telling her that all of these observations shouldn't be observed.

And right now, Hagi is the only one who might know this. And right now, Hagi possibly doesn't.