I've implemented a comment section and it looks awful because CSS has failed me yet again. Why can't there just be automatic CSS layout detection in life? AI controlled CSS layout...I'll be back with a patent.

A comment section, yes! Why? Silly cutie! It's never about why I should but if I can. I've also opened up email subscriptions, if you feel like you need to do that or something.

Please be patient as I set these things up. I don't have the same free time as I used to. I used to have plans for making a new post "three days a week" and now that's been rescheduled to "if I'm not dead by payday". That being said, I'll try to work on prettying up that comment section in each post as soon as I can. Anonymity is disabled. I want to personally scold you for writing inappropriate things on my whiteboard.

have fun kiddos