This is a bit of a bragging post, but hey, sometimes I do like what I do.

I want to tell you why hosting your own site is much better than using a shared host or any paid hosting whatsoever. And if you don't know how to host your own site, you can either find a personal webmaster to do it (maybe me!) or you may even learn how by the end of these series of posts. Either way, I'm sure you'll be very happy with the end product.

Now, to give you an example to explain how to get your own website running, here's one that I got set up in just 12 hours.

He'll have to add his own content, but at least he's able to the next day.
very nice

You'll probably notice the lock in the top corner. That's the SSL I configured within the same 12 hours. This website has been set up with proper DNS, correctly configured Wordpress, and clean redirects so that any combination of SSL/non-SSL and www/non-www URL brings you right to the canonical one:

The next post will go over how I actually managed to do this, and how I plan to improve on this process even further.

Oh, and real quick; while I'm glad I can host both this site, Kenny's site, my Minecraft server, and soon his Minecraft server at the same time, and I definitely have the internet to do so, it becomes a bit more of a problem when it comes to power. Both power consumption and power output. Currently, I'm running everything on an AMD-powered laptop. That's not a lot of horsepower. And this thing is on 24/7, which actually uses quite a bit of energy, surprisingly. Which is why I would like to state that I do accept donations, and if you happen to request that I host your server, I'll do it for free, but I would really like a donation to make sure that I actually can handle your server. My current goal is to replace this laptop with an actual server rack; one of the ones you'd see at Google or something that I can stuff in my closet. After that, I'd like to build my own desktop to make development smoother, as well as a better chair. Let's just say that coding 8 hours a day on a dinky dinner table chair is not something you should ever do. Don't do it.

If you'd like to support me, you can do so here on my PayPal. Again, it's not a requirement, and I would never spite someone for not giving me money, but anything you're able to give to support me would make a huge difference!

Thanks for reading, next post I'll teach you how to host your own website. Though, it would probably take a few times before 12 hours is pretty expected. Good luck.